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CV Summary

Robert has had many years’ experience in winter maintenance and project/resource management. Having lived in Maine USA for some time he got to experience living in snow bound locations, and how life continued regardless. Robert also has many years’ experience in interpreting MET office specialist reporting and forecasting. Robert also completed a solo 27,000 mile trip, coast to coast Canada, coast to coast Alaska and coast to coast USA through blizzards, ice storms and avalanches, so has a lot of experience in dealing with snow and ice.


Robert can be contacted on 028 90 795 484

Robert Burns


Saltworks Ltd are the only specialist winter maintenance company in Ireland with depots in Larne, Antrim, Limavady, Omagh, Enniskillen, Newry and a head office in Belfast. We provide a professional, reliable and transparent service to not only help clients maintain safety on site for their staff, but to ensure the safety of their clients visiting site, maintaining production and to back clients up if a fraudulent insurance claim is levied. We help clients ensure their "duty of care" is met with regards to winter weather. 
Saltworks already protect hospitals, schools & colleges, private housing developments and businesses of all types and size, including many NI TOP 100 companies.
Our clients renew with us year on year due to our transparency and resources.
Being directly linked to, and trained by, the MET Office, we can forecast when servicing is required in any area, carry out the service, and our satellite tracking system automatically emails the site manager with details of the service carried out. Importantly, our clients are informed and given the option to have servicing carried out or not.
We have never run out of salt, even during national shortages.
Saltworks take away the nuisance of weather watching, sourcing salt, delegating someone to spread salt or clear snow and dealing with onsite fallers and all the resources and costs that incurrs.
The service costs much less than the loss of sales or production, staff sick leave after a fall, bad publilcity, time to investigate the fall/injury, legal costs, possible HSE investigation etc. etc. Why not meet with Saltworks to find out how much this per/visit cost will be for you?