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CV Summary

I have been involved in interior fit-out projects in the luxury residential, hotel, cruise, visitor attraction and commercial sectors since 1994 with Mivan, Mivan Prime and The Deluxe Group.


Key projects include One Hyde Park (Knightsbridge), Ratatouille (Disneyland Paris), The Lanesborough Hotel (Knightsbridge), The Intercontintal Hotel (Park Lane), Project Lateral (Belgravia) etc.

Corin Hawthorne

CEO: Tactility Factory

Tactility factory reinvents the experience of concrete: expanding the potential of concrete from a cold, grey, acoustically harsh and unappealing substance to one that is warm, colourful, acoustically soft and beautiful.By fusing luxurious fabrics such as linen and velvet into concrete 'skins' we provide bespoke interior panels for luxury hotels, private residences, and commercial offices.In addition to their aesthetic properties these skins are durable, stain-resistant, fire-rated and provide acoustic softening to their environment. Our recent projects have taken us to London, Dubai and Cairo.Where we go next is up to you.