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With over 30 years of successful sales experience, we are always keen to explore new possibilities and markets creatively.


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Neil Rainey

Managing Director

The Sales Bureau is a Belfast-based sales and marketing consultancy, dedicated to saving small business money on their current fixed costs through offering alternative products (with equal or added service) at reduced costs.
We offer a free, no obligation assessment on current telecoms, merchant services and marketing spend and highlight areas where reductions are available.
In the unlikely event that no savings are identified, the customer is left safe in the knowledge that they are not currently paying more than they need to be.
As well as branding our current sales force as 'Small Business Savings Specialists' we offer companies in our marketplace the following services:
Sales Consultancy
Interim Sales Management
Outsourced Sales Solutions
WebChat services to reduce shopping cart abandonment
All of which result in a quantifiable return on investment