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Colly brings thirty-five years of practical experience of selling and his ability to empathize with sales people and establish immediate rapport and credibility as a trainer, (the accolade Colly receives from most sales people is “that he has carried the bag”). A Master practitioner of NLP Colly trained with Richard Bandler in 1998. When I entered the field of sales, back in 1969, with local franchise holder for Pepsi Cola because of my lack of knowledge of any selling skills I set a goal, to one day, start my own training company.

As my career in sales progressed becoming a sales manager, group sales and marketing manager and responsible for a large sales team consisting of field sales managers, field sales people and a proactive Telesales department I set up Graham Associates in 1996 (now known as salesxcellence since then we have trained over 1,000 companies! Sales people recognise that I have “carried the bag.”

Colly Graham


salesxcellence was formed by Colly Graham in 1996 who has over thirty-five years experience in telephone, field sales and sales management. Colly is recognised as an international sales trainer who achieves excellence results. salesxcellence has trained and consulted with over one thousand companies since the formation of the company, assisting companies to raise the level of their game.