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CV Summary

Sinead McGarrigle


Sinead was born in Belfast and studied at St Louise’s Comprehensive College.  She continued her education in Leeds where she discovered her passion for physical and mental well-being and the desire to help others.
After completing her Professional Cert. in Exercise and Fitness in 1997 with Leeds Metropolitan University Sinead continued her own self-development with various courses before returning to Belfast in 2000 where she set up Lifetime Health in May of that same year.
Sinead is an Advanced Instructor on the Registrar for Exercise Professionals and Professional Member of Backcare the charity for healthier backs.  Having graduated from the University of Ulster after three years training with a Diploma in Counselling and her Life Coaching qualification in London she pursued her search for that missing link that would allow her to really connect physical and mental health in a way that she knew was possible and discovered Cranio-sacral Therapy.
Having excelled in CST to an incredibly high standard and now a Certified Practitioner of the Upledger Institute all has established Sinead as an advanced professional in her field of physical and mental health.
With over 15 years experience Sinead continues to promote the benefits of mind and body investment and is dynamically passionate about the benefits of investing in both the physical and mental aspects of personal health.
She has helped hundreds of clients from babies to adults with a wide range of negative symptoms to achieve personal confidence and a positive healthier life for good.