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CV Summary

Managing Director 2006 to present

Alan Gardner

Managing Director

Alan is Managing Director of EPS and an Associate Course Director for the UK Cabinet Office Emergency Planning College. He sits as Professional Issues Director on the National Board of Directors of the Emergency Planning Society, holds Membership of the Business Continuity Institute and lectures on Business Continuity and Emergency Planning at Queens University, Belfast.

In his current role, Alan is involved in the delivery of consultancy, training packages, workshops and development programmes for EPS clients. Alan is also a regular contributor to seminars and events, such as the Emergency Planning Society Autumn Study and the Royal United Services Institute Emergency Response seminar. He is a member of the National Project Working Group that developed the UK National Occupational Standards for Civil Protection.

Before joining EPS, Alan worked within the Business Continuity and Emergency Planning fields for eleven years. During this time, Alan was involved in a wide range of civil protection functions. Alan is a graduate of Leicester University and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and is a registered Prince 2 practitioner.