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Irwin’s have been baking bread for nearly 100 years. The company is Northern Ireland’s largest independent bakery supplying a wide range of traditional Irish breads throughout the United Kingdom. Based at Diviny Drive, Portadown the company’s premises are sizeable and a total of nine different areas came under review as part of this project including the main production area, an ingredients and export store, a flow-wrap and dispatch area, loading bays, two packaging stores and a garage. A comprehensive lighting survey revealed that a whole mix of inefficient lighting was being used throughout the premises – from old-fashioned florescent lighting to various types of HID lighting. The solution was to provide the company with T5 240 watt lamps from Dexeco, some of which have been fitted with movement sensors. “The nature of the business meant that it was only appropriate to fit movement sensors in certain areas,” explained Sean O’Kane, Director at A J Hurst. “While it’s great to see clients embrace technology there’s simply no point in going to the expense of installing movement sensors in areas where there is constant movement and it is therefore not practical.” A total of 231 new light fittings have been installed replacing the original 228. Delivered in a period of 7-10 days the install was carried out over a period of four to six weeks. “Being a bakery that is virtually operating 24/7 we had to be flexible in terms of working arrangements,” continued Sean. “The contract was carried out by Irwin’s own contractor, AW Controls, and we worked closely with principal, Andrew Willis, to ensure everything was in place as and when required.” Irwin’s Bakery is expected to make savings in the region of £13,000 a year as a result of the work. “We were also able to secure a Carbon Trust loan for the client,” explained Sean. This is an interest free unsecured loan against the cost of the fittings, which can also be used against the cost of installation. And because the Dexeco light fittings are on the Energy Technology list, clients can make further savings by having the cost of the fittings offset against company profits. (Referred to as an enhanced capital allowance). Alan Roberts, Energy and Maintenance Manager, Irwin’s Bakery, Portadown said: “We were very happy with the work carried out by A J Hurst,” explained Energy and Maintenance Manager at Irwin’s Bakery, Alan Roberts. “As a company that is operating 24/7 it’s important that we can maximise on efficiencies and the change over from HID low bay lighting to the new T5 fluorescent lighting will undoubtedly result in substantial savings. “Their approach from start to finish was very professional from a scheme presentation that was presented to our management team right through to the work carried out on site.”