QUB team start the revolution by capturing 25k Award

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NISP Connect

A revolutionary new class of materials produced by MOF Technologies, a team based at Queen’s University Belfast, has won this year’s NISP CONNECT 25k Award.

Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs) are highly porous materials that can store, separate and capture specific gases. They have a range of high-value applications, including natural gas storage in vehicles, carbon capture, catalysis and drug delivery.

MOF Technologies has developed a patented technique for the synthesis of MOFs, which is environmentally friendly, rapid and highly scalable, allowing cost-effective, large-scale deployment of these extraordinary materials.
Category winners in the 25k Awards, which are sponsored by Bank of Ireland, were:
  • CleanTech: MOF Technologies, QUB, sponsored by Dow.
  • Digital Media: I-Innovations, UU, sponsored by Aepona.
  • BioTech:  Expelliere International, QUB, sponsored by Warner Chilcott.
  • Hi-Tech:  FireSERT Technologies, UU, sponsored by IBM.
The awards were presented on September 27 at a packed VIP gala ceremony in the iconic Titanic Belfast building, next to Northern Ireland Science Park in the city’s Titanic Quarter.
Steve Orr, Director of NISP CONNECT, said: “Congratulations to MOF Technologies for an innovation which shows great commercial potential - this is an exciting time for the team, and for all the category winners and finalists.
“The £25K Award offers a showcase for regional research talent to display world-class innovations as well as providing a valuable training and development process as they move beyond the initial stages of business development.
“NISP CONNECT programmes, which are designed to inspire, encourage and nurture local technology entrepreneurs during conception, growth and improvement stages, continue that process to help them reach their goals.”
Ciaran McGivern, Head of Business Banking Northern Ireland, Bank of Ireland UK, added: “Developing innovative ideas that have market potential is at the core of Northern Ireland’s mission to create a more vibrant private sector.
“If we are to make this mission a reality we not only need academia and industry to collaborate but we need commerciality to be part of the equation - to ensure that ideas with real potential can be developed into success stories.
“Bank of Ireland UK is delighted to be involved in the NISP Connect 25k Awards again this year. We wish all the finalists and the winner every success in the future and look forward to working with them all closely.”
Other finalists in the 25k Award included: Buteos, QUB; IdentiGait, UU; GIP Therapeutics, UU; Graphene International, UU; Grass-NC-Polymer, AFBI/QUB; SaSSI– Ulster / HSC.