Co-Founders Wanted!

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Co-Founders Wanted!

New programme matches innovators with entrepreneurs.

Co-Founders Wanted, a new programme aimed at building dynamic teams to start new companies by putting the developers of exciting new hi tech products together with business expertise, was launched today by NISP CONNECT.

The programme, an original venture for NISP CONNECT, seeks to encourage the information and growth of local science and technology-based enterprise by bridging the gap between innovative talent and commercial know-how.

“Our objective is to connect people with technical talent to people with business development, marketing and sales skills in order to create successful teams which will get product to market,” said Peter Edgar, Programme Manager.  

“Currently, we are specifically looking for individuals or groups who have developed some really high potential new technology in ‘tech’: hardware, software, wireless, security, mobile, etc. 

“They could be doing this at university, at college, within a large corporation or in the garage - but they must have something that they can demonstrate that will knock people’s socks off!


“In 2013, we will be hosting three events where we will introduce potential ‘Co-founders’ with the strong entrepreneurial or corporate experience to complement the technical ideas of our star Founders.”

Peter explained that while Northern Ireland has a huge stock of innovative ideas, there was often a disconnect between creation and execution, requiring a need for assistance in helping transform good ideas into commercial realities.

The first step in getting these ambitious new hi tech ventures off the ground is an NISP CONNECT hosted workshop for selected Founders.  This will give them the skills to pitch their product to an audience of potential Co-Founders at an event on January 24, 2013.

The Co-founders, who will bring commercial experience to the programme, will be recruited over the next couple of months.  It is expected that after a good match is identified, Founders and Co-founders will explore how they can form a commercial relationship.


More information on how to apply to become a Founder or Co-Founder can be found at

For further information contact Peter Edgar, Programme Manager:

M: +44 (0) 779 906 84 20
T: +44 (0) 28 9073 7809