Getting the Technology Strategy right for Irish Brokers

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The recent acquisition of Spike has allowed us to improve efficiencies when selling and servicing household policies. Continued investment in the Private Motor solution has enabled insurers to bring more products to market, while continually reducing the administration overhead for both the insurer and broker.


We will continue to do what is needed to remove re-keying and automate labour intensive tasks. We are confident that this progressive attitude is the reason why we see increased investment from insurers striving to deliver more products with increased facilities. In parallel, we are continuing to attract brokers who have previously used other systems and also those you are starting new ventures.


The combination of these two things is very positive news for all of our customers and we are delighted to be able to keep expanding. Over the last six months we have recruited 12 new members of staff into management, software development and customer service roles. We are already seeing the benefits of this as we deliver more cost saving software and an improved level of customer service.


During 2011 Relay Brokers will be able to enjoy the delivery of a number of major developments:


· Integrated Household Solution

- A fully integrated household system will allow brokers to sell policies online or offline, without the need for re-keying information to their accounting system.

· Credit and Laser Card Processing

- The new Relay payments portal means users will be able to process credit and laser payments within the software, which not only reduces rekeying and errors but also gives the end customer a much smoother payment process.

· Client Self Service - As more and more people chose to deal with their insurance affairs online, Relay brokers have the option of letting them do just that with the Client Self Service Module. Client can obtain quotes, make payments and adjust policies, without the need of calling your office.