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Mash Direct leads the market producing an innovative range of delicious quick-serve mashed potato, vegetable and cabbage products. Innovative couple Martin and Tracy Hamilton have kindly offered to share their business acumen and experience gained from their initial dream of setting up a production facility and market leading business, right through to it eventually becoming a reality. This select site visit brought to you by the MBA Association and Mash Direct seeks to provide attendees with an insight into how a leading market company can be developed from a simple idea between a group of friends at a dinner party.

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Mash Direct - Site visit

23rd August 2012

Reasons to attend:

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mash Direct have encompassed the true meaning of innovation and entrepreneurship. Using the humble potato, they created with their passion and drive and initially a small factory, the company Mash Direct Ltd. Mash Direct now leads the market producing an innovative range of delicious quick-serve mashed potato, vegetable and cabbage products. This visit provides attendees an opportunity to observe the practical skills used in a venture team and the process undertook in the company’s evolution.


Operations and Quality Management The real core of the success of Mash Direct is the passion and dedication of the staff at every level: production; administration; technical; product development; marketing and management. All Mash Direct products carry the healthy ‘traffic light’ on the sleeve, as recommended by the Food Standards Agency, follows the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) standards and has recently been awarded grade A* in this standard for the fourth year in a row. Attendees will witness the effective use of resources to raise awareness of integration with other functional areas that is essential to meet customer needs.


Marketing and Strategic Management As a result of excellent operation and quality management Mash Direct is able to meet its customers’ demands whether large or small,  responding to consumer trends as well as delivering the personal touch without compromise to the quality of the product. They have developed the market through independent local retail stores followed by progression into all the major supermarkets and available as far away as New York. Hearing first hand from Tracy and Martin about their ‘customer satisfaction’ belief being the core of their success, will give invaluable insight into effective marketing.


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