NISP Frameworks: “Financing Options: Debt vs Equity" L'DERRY

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Thursday 15th March


12 noon to 2pm

Tel: 028 9073 7809


NISP Frameworks: “Financing Options: Debt vs Equity" L'DERRY

15th March 2012

Program Overview: For entrepreneurs, deciding to form a company, or become involved with a start-up, presents enormous challenges. Navigating around fund raising and other issues can often seem overwhelming and the traps for the unwary or uninformed are numerous.


However, successfully avoiding the most common pitfalls made by entrepreneurs can make a significant difference as to whether or not a company is fundable; the sources and types of capital that will be attracted, who controls the company, the economic impact on founders upon exit and a company's likelihood of success.


In this interactive workshop, Craig Holmes of Horwood & Holmes Corporate Finance and a panel of entrepreneurs and experts will discuss these and other issues.



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