InterTradeIreland Challenge Programme Innovation Workshops - FREE Event

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We are looking for ambitious CEOs and MDs to attend a FREE two-hour briefing session  to find out about the tools and techniques used in our Challenge Programme which you can take away and use in your business. 


Companies that attend our briefing events will be invited to take part in our Challenge Programme - a rigorous learning and selection process where up to 25 companies each year will receive around £20,000/€23,000 worth of intensive mentoring support and assistance to help deliver seriously ambitious growth.


The method used in our programme has been responsible for over £1.5bn of successful products and services across the world.


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Tel: 02830834100



InterTradeIreland Challenge Programme Innovation Workshops - FREE Event

25th March 2014

At these events, you will be able to see how world-class companies excel in bringing products and services to market quickly and with less risk.


As CEO or MD, through the Challenge Programme, you will lead your people to apply a proven, reliable and repeatable approach to successfully developing new products, services, customers or markets... all while minimising the time, money and risk involved.


The first two workshops are taking place in Leterkenny and Belfast on Tuesday 25th March.


For more information and to register for these FREE events go to the InterTradeIreland Challenge website below:


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