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The Smart Business Show is an all Ireland, business to business event guaranteed to quench the information thirst and stimulate the investigative juices of everyone in business, of any age and at whatever stage. We expect circa 10,000+ visitors.

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Smart Business Show

30th May 2014

To be successful in business today you have to look forward, get ahead of the pack and stay there – you need to be smart! (You need to work smarter not harder).

Businesses are looking for new ways to grow, bring new ideas forward, get solutions to their problems and develop new opportunities at home and overseas. For many, the means to do so could lie in the massive advances in technology which have taken place. Social media – cloud technology – selling online – website advertising – ecommerce – digital marketing. These can provide enormous opportunities which could not have been dreamt of, even a few years ago.

The Smart Business Show at the Odyssey Arena, Belfast on 29th and 30th of May 2014, will be the smart place to go to look, listen and to learn. The visitor experience will be second to none, this will be a ground breaking event packed with technology based companies to look at, celebrity speakers to listen to and one to one clinics to learn from. The show will have four key zones; Smart Information & Communications, Smart Finance, Smart Marketing and Smart Start, Growth & Export.



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