Public Sector Event - 'Seeking Certainty about Uncertainty - effective risk management'

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Event Date : Thursday, January 30, 2014 9:30 AM    
CPD Hours : 2
Location:      Chartered Accountants Ireland, 32-38 Linenhall St, Belfast



Public Sector Event - 'Seeking Certainty about Uncertainty - effective risk management'

30th January 2014

Chartered Accountants in Public Sector/ Institute of Risk Management Event


VENUE: Chartered Accountants Ulster Society, 32-38 Linenhall St, Belfast, BT2 8BG

DATE: 30 January 2014

TIME: 9.30am to 2:00pm. Registration at 9.15am for 9:30am start. Buffet lunch 12pm.

COST: £30.00 inclusive of VAT

CPD: This event for 2 hours of CPD.  CPD training tickets will be accepted.






  • Carolyn Williams, Technical Director of the Institute of Risk Management – ‘Extended Enterprise Risk: Managing Complexity in 21st Century Organisations’
  • Colette Kane, Director at the Northern Ireland Audit Office- ‘Embedding risk management in the public sector – a rain check’
  •  Donal McKillop, Professor of Financial Services at Queens University Belfast – ‘Liquidity, liquidity Risk and liquidity Creation in Financial Institutions’
  • Sean McGahan, Chair of the Northern Ireland IRM Forum – ‘Humans make bad risk managers- how should we control that risk?’

Background: Global risk management studies are showing that risk management is moving more towards ‘opportunity’ management rather than downside risk, important as it is. With increased emphasis on ‘Horizon Scanning’ and ‘Forward Risk’ management, companies are investing in risk models which helps to reduce uncertainties in the impact of climate change, weather event, commodity prices and ’black swan’ scenarios, to name but a few.


The UK’s Financial Reporting Council conducted a review of how boards were approaching their responsibilities in relation to risk management. In their report ‘Boards and Risk’, the FRC reported that there has been ‘step change in the Board’s focus on risk in the last few years’ and concluded that ‘One size very definitely does not fit all’. At a local level, the NI Audit Office report on ‘Good Practice in Risk Management’ provides an insight as to how risk management continues to develop in the public sector and areas where additional focus is required.


This event seeks to challenge our approach towards how we manage risks within the organisations which we represent and through panel discussion, to assess what factors we should consider in evaluating the effectiveness of how we have discharged our responsibilities. This event is relevant for Board members, Directors, risk management practitioners, continuing professional development for professionals and students of higher education and research. It aims to provide an improved understanding of frameworks, processes and standards for risk management, and how these can be supplemented with an improved risk culture to drive change.



This is an initiative between the Institute of Risk Management (IRM) and the Public Sector Group at Chartered Accountants Ireland Ulster Society.  All Ulster Society members are welcome to attend.  We also encourage you to bring along work colleagues/guests.  To book your place please download, complete and return the booking form HERE. This event will not be available on webcast.


Keith Scott, Convenor, Public Sector sub-committee, Chartered Accountants Ulster Society

Sean McGahan, Chair of Northern Ireland IRM Forum


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