Business Growth Coaching Strategies

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Date: 20 January 2014                           
Time: 08:30 - 12:00
Location: Centre for SME Development, Ulster Business School, University of Ulster
Price: Free


Business Growth Coaching Strategies

20th January 2014

This free business seminar is aimed at business owners and business advisors.


It is designed to:


  • Teach business mentors how to be better coaches, generate more sales, increase profits, and as a result improve cashflow in the businesses that are being mentored
  • In this practical and impactful session, business owners will gain an understanding of the key drivers of growth and how to influence them

In this business climate, the need to acquire new knowledge and develop improved business capabilities has never been so great. Business Coaching Northern Ireland guarantees that guests will leave our business seminar with a renewed energy and enthusiasm for coaching and for working with the businesses they mentor in addition to an array of proven successful strategies to maximise business performance and increase sales and profits within their own companies.


The session will cover:


  • Coaching – how to be an effective coach and get the most out of mentored business owner
  • Sales and Marketing – how to create predictable cash flow and increase profits
  • Lead Generation – how to increase the total number of potential buyers/sales
  • Financials – how to support your mentored business owner on how to make the right decisions
  • KPIs – Key Performance Indicators that drive the businesses you mentor
  • Customer Service – how to work with the mentored business owner on consistent delivery
  • Time Management – how to create time for mentored businesses to grow
  • Systems – what businesses need in place to save time, energy and money
  • Team Management – what makes a successful team and leader


The keynote speaker is Nancy Brown Principle of Business Coaching Northern Ireland.


This event is supported by Connections Plus which is a 3-year small business support programme, sponsored by Electric Ireland, to help promote responsible business through best practice seminars and mentoring support.


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