Interested in a career in Venture Capital?

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We are hosting an Open Evening at our Belfast office, where you will have the opportunity to meet, informally, our investment team and learn about opportunities in this exciting area of investment. You don’t have to have any previous experience in venture capital, but ideally you will have worked for a few years in a management or professional role or perhaps been involved with a start-up business.


If you would like to attend, please email us before 5pm on Monday 11th November with just a few words describing your current job role and experience

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Interested in a career in Venture Capital?

14th November 2013

The term ‘Venture Capital’ can be misleading. The media seem to use it to describe everything from seed funding for start-ups, to substantial investments in well-established businesses. These are of course very different, not just in the way investment deals are structured and managed, but in the assessment of risk and the techniques by which companies are analysed and valued.


We think early-stage venture investing is by far the most exciting part of the spectrum. It is all about finding, investing in and supporting committed people with bright ideas, who want to create growth businesses. The risks are high, not least because many of these companies are breaking new ground, but the ones which do succeed can provide substantial benefits to the community and high returns to investors.


E-Synergy has been investing in early-stage companies for more than 10 years. During that time we have invested, directly, more than £60million from our funds and private investors and also helped companies to raise over £100million from other sources. We have a growing investment portfolio of over 70 companies, which we manage from offices in London, Belfast, Nottingham and Newcastle. But we don’t just provide cash – useful though that is! – we also run support and mentoring programmes aimed at helping companies to raise investment and to use it effectively in growing their businesses.


As you would expect, our teams are made up of highly experienced investment professionals. However, unlike some other venture capitalists, most of our people also have personal experience of running early-stage companies and have learned, the hard way, the particular issues facing businesses at this stage in their evolution and what they need to achieve commercial success.


We are always on the look-out for bright people. Our Open Evening is an opportunity for you to meet us, to find out more about the world of early-stage investing and to explore whether this is something you would like to consider as a career. There will be short presentations on our activities and the opportunity to quiz people who have worked on both sides of the fence - as investors and as managers of companies receiving investment.


We look forward to meeting you at our Open Evening. You don’t need to have experience of early-stage investing, just a genuine interest in the possibility of your career going in this direction. You can find details of E-Synergy on our website, and we will try to answer all your questions – the more difficult the better! 


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