Fire Safety/Warden

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Key Information

COURSE AIM:            

To give delegates the necessary knowledge and understanding of the principles of fire, nature of fire, fire prevention, fire precautions, fire fighting equipment and evacuation procedures  

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Fire Safety/Warden

31st May 2013


 At the end of the course, candidates will:


   Understand the main aims of Health & Safety Legislation (HASWO 1978 NI)


   Understand Legislation relating to Regulatory Reform(Fire Safety) Order


   Understand Chemistry of fire and how it spreads


   Understand the hazards associated with fire and classes of fire


   Understand the need for carrying out fire risk assessments


   Understand the need to have alarms and how they are raised


   Understand fire plans and means of escape


   Understand the types of fire extinguishers and their uses


   Understand Fire signage


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