Free Software Asset Management Seminar in Belfast, January 2013

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SoftwareONE will be running a free event in the Merchant Hotel, Belfast; in conjunction with Momentum, the ICT Federation for Northern Ireland.


The event will be taking place on the 15th and 16th of January 2013, and will be a combination of a seminar on Software Asset Management and also software licensing procurement best practices. 

A buffet lunch will be provided to all attendees.

Tel: 07507660586



Free Software Asset Management Seminar in Belfast, January 2013

15th January 2013

Software ONE is a global LAR (Large Account Reseller) for Microsoft, operating in 65 countries and has served the Irish market for over 4 years.  

Software is quickly becoming one of the most important assets to the corporations of today. Every day companies spend huge sums of cash on software, and all too often do not take the time to manage these assets as efficiently as traditional, physical assets. Just like traditional assets, software has a lifecycle that includes procurement, deployment, transition, and retirement. Strong processes and procedures for Software Asset Management are necessary for any company that wishes to minimise risk, maximise efficiency and ROI on that investment. 

Our Key topics to be covered at the seminar will be: 

Software Asset Management - what does it mean to you? 

• Understanding how to drive true ROI and reduce business inefficiencies by properly implementing Software Asset Management. 

• How to remain compliant in a market increasingly subject to vendor audits 

• How to select a SAM tool to understand what software is actually being used in your corporate environment. 

The ideal attendee(s) to our event would either be the CFO or Head of Purchasing / Procurement and the Head of IT. 

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12-12-2012 14:33
Seminar will be taking place: Tuesday 15th January Wednesday 16th January Venue: Merchant Hotel, Rita Duffy 1 Please contact me: to reserve your space. Many thanks Jonathan
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