Frequently Asked Questions:


Q. What is Corporate NI?

A. It is an online portal aiming to connect and promote the stakeholders of Corporate Northern Ireland.


Q. Who are the Stakeholders of Corporate Northern Ireland?

A. Any organisation or individual who is actively involved in or interested in being involved with the private sector within Northern Ireland. This will include Companies, Business Organisations, Trade Bodies, Universities and Colleges and the Public Sector.


Q. Is it associated with any particular company, organisation or business organisation?

A. No, CNI is an independent, private sector initiative.


Q. Who can join?

A. Any Corporate Northern Ireland Stakeholder. Users join as an organisation, which then allows their employees/members to register as individuals.


Q. How does it work?

A. Public users can access the information elements of the site for free. Organisations (and indiviudals) who wish to be profiled and interact on the site must register via the 'Sign In' or 'Register' buttons.


Q. What can members do?

A. Members can upload a profile of their organisation (including video, contact details, sector information etc.) and profiles of their key contacts. Furthermore, they can (whenever and as frequently as wanted) upload news articles, knowledge items and events. These will be listed on the Company's page and on the relevant information page e.g. the News page, the Knowledge or the Events page. Individuals can also 'connect' with other organisations or people, which will allow them to send private messages.