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The Ulster Business School works closely with industry to understand management development needs, and incorporate these into our management development training programmes and courses and executive education. We are always keen to consider new ideas and promote fresh initiatives. Our management development programmes are designed to trigger innovative thinking and create long-term value for client organisations.

Our programmes expose managers to new concepts, the latest research, and leading-edge business and management practice across critical contemporary business issues. The sessions comprise a combination of presentations, chaired discussions, syndicate work delivered both at University campuses and other external executive locations, enthusing lively debate and offering executives vital networking opportunities. In addition, the University of Ulster’s Learning Resource Centres are the most advanced of their kind in Ireland and are equipped with state-of-the-art learning technology.

Through the quality experience of management development that we offer, we assist managers and executives in understanding change specific to their business, and develop the strategic thinking and innovation management skills essential to implement effective solutions. Through close consultation with our clients, we can design and tailor executive short courses to meet specific requirements of individual organisations.

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