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TotalMobile Ltd. has been successfully developing enterprise software since 1985, initially as TASK Software, then since 2001 as Consilium Technologies and now as TotalMobile Ltd.

Currently providing mobile solutions to those in Local Government, Healthcare and Industry, and with customers across UK, Ireland, USA and Netherlands; TotalMobile is continuously growing, exceeding both country and sector.

We at TotalMobile Ltd supply TotalMobile™, an innovative mobile working application available on the latest mobile devices that streamlines workflows, replaces paperwork and improves efficiency and service delivery, saving on average up to two hours per day, per user.

TotalMobile™ is a market leading solution that allows organisations to mobilise an entire workforce and can be rolled out across all departments. Seamless integration with back end systems means frontline staff are fully informed and work more efficiently, completing tasks without having to return to the central office or waste time on duplicate record keeping and data entry. At TotalMobile we place the user at the centre of our vision and believe in making work more productive and enjoyable by providing enterprise apps that users love to use.

With TotalMobile’s mobile software solutions you can see immediate return on investment. 

  • Improving productivity, typically 25%-40%

  • Reducing fixed costs, typically from 10%-30%

  • Streamlining working processes, improving morale

TotalMobile ensures better use of resources, which leads to generating greater efficiencies and reaching remarkable savings like Fife Council on route to their target of £20million in 2013. Virgin Care after only 6 weeks seen significant benefits, with almost 2 additional visits per nurse, per day. 

We also work with a range of software and systems integration partners. Our partner related business more than doubles every year.

Although we are at the cutting edge of technology, our culture is all about people – our staff, our customers and our partners.