Smyth & Gibson

Smyth & Gibson Shirtmakers Ltd is one of the last remaining traditional handmade British luxury shirtmakers. Uniquely and distinctively, it is both a manufacturer of top quality garments and a respected brand in its own right.

Smyth & Gibson was formed 17 years ago with a dream to combine the worldwide shirtmaking reputation of Northern Ireland with a design and quality led shirt brand. The factory is small in shirtmaking terms with 50 people handmaking shirts in Derry.

As a result of the Custom Grade shirt is one of the best shirts that can be made anywhere. From its fully single needle French seams to every stripe matching on collar sleeve heads and the sleeve gauntlet it is truly a craft product.

Every shirt is hand cut and then assembled in a process that involves passing through at least 15 people as there are many disciplines that each take many years of training to master. Of particular note is attaching the collar to the shirts and this is done in a single process with a single needle machine.

S&G match the construction skill only with highest quality two fold cotton poplin and sea island cottons. All of our cottons are at least 120s yarn count

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