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Nuprint was formed in 1984 to provide labels for the clothing sector. The business was started by Dr Alan McClure but then sold to International Trimming and Labels PLC (ITL), a South African company. The late 1990s saw a massive contraction of the local clothing sector and by 2003, with the closure of Desmonds and other clothing factories the company moved to diversify into other sectors. In 2003, the current owners were able to acquire the company from ITL and Dr Alan McClure again became a shareholder alongside Gavin Killeen, the Managing Director.

As a result of significant effort and considerable investment in new printing equipment the company has built its business outside the clothing sector and diversified into the Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical sectors. Garment labelling now represents less than 2% of turnover. The company is constantly seeking both to build market share within the local food and drinks industries and to expand its product range to grow the business in new market areas. In fact 90% of turnover today stems from products introduced within the last 3-4 years.

Nuprint is a member of the British Printing Industry Federation and the Federation of Small Businesses, and is currently certified as compliant to ISO9001 and BRC IOP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials. With a score of 450 points Nuprint was awarded a Mark of Excellence at the 2006 Northern Ireland Quality Awards. Only the top 20% of all European companies assessed were awarded 400+ points so this was quite an accolade for a small local company.

The company maintains its Investor in People status and is committed to encouraging every member of its workforce to progress through education and training and it carries this philosophy into the wider community through making and facilitating schools visits and placements.

Nuprint believes that there are no limits to the power of a good label which is a key communication tool for consumers, retailers and manufacturers. The company prides itself on creating consistently high quality products and supplies specialist labelling for the drinks sector. We work with leading design agencies to help them bring their design concepts to life and we offer advice on materials, special colour management and printing options. The company has also successfully transferred its expertise to the production of various forms of low cost but high effective display and presentation materials.

Nuprint takes the time to understand a customers business so it can offer a labelling or display solution that will make a difference and deliver real results.

Working closely with the University of Ulster, Nuprint has recently introduced a lean manufacturing programme and has pioneered a bespoke version of RFID Technology suitable for use by small companies. RFID is relatively new yet provides significant benefits for any business requiring tracking and traceability for its products. Prior to this RFID has only been affordable for large multi-national operations or specialist high end applications.

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