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The London Stock Exchange is at the heart of the global financial market and is home to some of the largest, most successful and dynamic companies in the world.

The Exchange has built on a long history of integrity, expertise and market knowledge to become the world's most international stock exchange. In October 2007 the Exchange merged with Borsa Italiana, creating Europe's leading diversified exchange business, London Stock Exchange Group.


Did you know:

-  The Exchange is the most international of all the world’s stock exchanges, with around 3,000 companies from over 70 countries admitted to trading on its markets.

- From conducting its business in the coffee houses of 17th century London, the Exchange is one of the world’s oldest stock exchanges and can trace its history back more than 300 years.

 - Live financial broadcasts are transmitted throughout the day from the Exchange's own TV studios.

- Over 400 firms, mainly investment banks and stockbrokers, are members of the London Stock Exchange.


What we do:

Capital markets

We have a choice of markets that put UK and international companies in touch with one of the world’s deepest pools of investment capital. For more information go to Companies and advisers.


Our trading services are designed to maximise liquidity in the stocks traded on them. From our premium fully electronic order-driven trading platforms for liquid UK and international securities, through to our quote driven market maker platforms for less liquid securities.

Information services

Every second of the trading day we generate information ranging from data on individual trades and share price
movements to company announcements.  For more detail go to Information providers.


EDX London was created to bring the cash equity and derivatives markets closer together, broadening the scope
of equity derivatives trading while cutting down risk and cost. We are committed to developing our market in covered warrants and work closely with issuers to meet the needs of the market and to enhance the services we offer.

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