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CBI Northern Ireland represents around one third of the private sector workforce and over 60% of the largest  employers in Northern Ireland. The CBI is the leading business organisation influencing the policies of the Northern Ireland Executive and Assembly in order to deliver a more competitive business environment.

The Northern Ireland economy has been transformed into a region renowned for its hi-tech expertise, industrial ingenuity and a great lifestyle to offer. Over 700 foreign investors and a multitude of investors from the rest of the UK have chosen to locate here, making it one of the UK's most attractive places for foreign direct investment. Belfast is now well established as one of the top 10 destination cities for financial service technologies investments in the world.

The CBI Northern Ireland office is situated in the heart of Belfast City Centre within easy reach of many of the Northern Ireland Executive Departments, and of the other economic and business agencies based in Northern Ireland. Staff travel all over Northern Ireland, visiting member companies and holding meetings and events. 

There is regular engagement with ministers and senior civil servants within both Westminster and the Northern Ireland  Executive. Members can contact the office at any time to put their views forward, obtain information and assistance on a range of issues affecting businesses in Northern Ireland, as well as details of the various committees and other ad hoc meetings and events.

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